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About Sedona Area Activities

From the magnificence of its myriad rock formations to the mystery of its famed vortexes, Sedona AZ and the surrounding area are virtually limitless in the things to do and experiences it has to offer. Follow the links below to find out more about several of our most popular attractions.

102 Things to do in Sedona

About Sedona AZ Red Rock Country

The most visited of the wilderness areas in the Coconino National Forest, Red Rock Country, is an area of spectacular geological scenery located right on the doorstep of Sedona AZ. Colorful sandstone canyons, magnificent buttes and sculpted spires mingle with lush vegetation to create one of the world's truly most awesome displays of nature.

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About Sedona AZ Slide Rock

Located in what many consider to be Nature's finest playground, Slide Rock State Park is nestled in lush Oak Creek Canyon and takes its name from a 30-foot-long water slide worn into the rocks of the creek bed. Fishing, hiking, picnicking, and nature watching are among the most popular activities along the canyon's red rock walls and pine forests.

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About Sedona AZ Vortexes

Centuries ago, the Native Americans who inhabited the area believed that Sedona was the center of the universe, a sacred land that should only be used for special rites and ceremonies. To these early inhabitants, and to the New Agers who flock here today, Sedona is a place where the energies of the Earth converge, a place of power known as a "vortex."

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About Sedona AZ Hiking and Biking Trails

No matter what you're doing in Red Rock Country, you're always sightseeing-and hiking and biking prove to be two of the most popular ways of taking in the scenery. As you might expect, the area boasts hundreds of miles of trails from which you can admire the natural wonders around you.

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About Sedona AZ Galleries

Native American or New Age. Traditional or Futuristic. Realist or Representational. Whatever your artistic sensibilities may be, at least one of Sedona AZ's dozens of museums, world-renowned artists' galleries, original jewelry boutiques and photographic studios will appeal to your fickle aesthetic. Enjoy one of Sedona AZ's leisurely activities and stroll through the southern part of town, also known as Gallery Row, and visit several galleries to be inspired by works from some of the most famous (and soon-to-be most famous) artists and craftspeople in the world. Afterwards, once you've exercised your mind, exercise your legs as well by walking north up the road past the intersection called the "Y" and pay a visit to the well-known photography of Thomas Kincade and the original Native American jewelry of the Blue Eyed Bear. No matter which gallery or shop you visit, you will leave feeling inspired and enlightened.

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About Sedona AZ Restaurants

With over three million visitors each year from different countries across the world, it comes as little surprise that Sedona features a stunning diversity of restaurants and one of the most popular Sedona activities is to sample on of Sedona AZ's  cafes, bistros or restaurants. From Italian to Indian, Greek to Oriental-and yes, even Southwestern and plain ol' American. You'll find the cuisine at Sedona's eateries just as inspiring to your palate as the natural scenery is to your eyes, in atmospheres ranging from intimate and romantic to wide open and bustling. For a comprehensive list of restaurants in the Sedona area and more information on each,

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